Pool Fencing in Canberra

Canberra Pool Fencing Quotes

For all work on pool gates and pool fences, including new and existing fence repairs and construction, enquire with the experts in Canberra to help you get the job done right first time round accompanied with a competitive quote. Our business parters up with the best in the business to offer you quality workmanship, obligation free quotes and trustworthy skilled labourers.

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Popular types of pool fences in Canberra

  • Glass Pool Fencing
  • Aluminium Pool Fencing
  • Timber Pool Fencing

Pool fencing regulations in Canberra

Pool fences are a must for all pool owners, as are pool gates, due to laws and regulations in place in Canberra.

Below we have listed a very brief summary of the regulations that apply to swimming pool fencing in Canberra:

  • The minimum fence height is 1.2 metres
  • All glass gates must latch 150mm from top of gate on the inside
  • Any opening in or under a fence has a maximum size restriction of 100mm
  • The top of the fence is to be a minimum of 1.2 metres from any stepping point
  • All self latching gate latches to be a minimum 1.5 metres from the ground
  • All gates and doors to open outward from the pool area with self closing hinges

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Glass Pool Fencing

Having a glass pool fence is a fantastic idea for many Canberra residents, as it helps to show off the pool area, the blue water and the landscaping around the pool. Make your pool the main feature of your property by showing it off in style with glass pool fencing in Canberra.

With many glass pool fences being constructed through out Canberra, our connections in the industry have years of experience in glass pool fences and gates. Enquire today and we will pass your details on to the most suitable contractor in your area to provide advice and obligation free quotes to get the job done.

Cheap Pool Fencing in Canberra

If you are after a cheap quote on getting your pool fence repaired / serviced, or are after a cheap quote for construction of a new fence, including aluminium pool fencing, tubular steel pool fencing, glass pool fencing or timber pool fencing, send an enquiry through our “Easy Quote” form and one of our representatives will call you to discuss your individual requirements and provide a competitive quote for their services.

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Pricing for Pool Fences & Gates – Canberra

In regards to giving one off pool fencing prices, it becomes difficult to show pricing rates on the website due to the varying range of services and differing job requirements. If you are wanting to know how much your pool fencing cost would be, shoot an enquiry through to the team and we will put you in touch with a trusted expert closely related to the services that you require.

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